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 Sunga Park is a Korean artist, graphic designer and freelance illustrator who is traveling around the world. Many of her illustrations have been included in magazines. She is currently living in Asia painting watercolours and sketching the architecture.

 She is a self-taught artist who enjoys the ‘unpredictable’ nature of watercolours to show natural aspects of the environment. She states in a recent interview “Watercolours taught me about life, because I created tons of failures over repeated attempts.”

 Much of her work is inspired by the architecture of the places she has travelled, from India to Europe, every place she visits seeps into her work and allows her to develop her style. She states in a recent interview with Japan Cinema, “I always focus on showing my feelings through the common architectural features. When people look at an oriental painting their ideas can float along with the objects in the piece. I intend to attract the participation of viewers in this way. For me, art is completed by people’s imagination or appreciation.”



  Warner Bros. Germany  /Germany
  Etoile Rouge/ France
  Warner Bros. HongKong  /HK
  Penguin Random house  /US
  Ink-Global  /UK
  Changi Airport  /Singapore
  L.A. Inc.  /Canada
  Ignis  /UK
  Cadillac Magazine  /USA
  Aurora Real Estate  /UAE
  The Brandit  /USA
  Studio Pascal Blais  /Canada
  Magazine ACCENT  /Mexico
  SisterMag  /Germany
  Videinfra  /Latvia
  Hirschen Group  /Germany
  Seicha  /Germany
  Ogliv  /Turkey
  Adobe  /USA
  Matte  /USA
  Magazine The Line  /UK
  The Independent on Sunday  /UK
  Magazine Life & Style  /Mexico
  Liberty Magazine  /USA
  Intouch Solutions  /USA
  Mojeh Magazine  /UAE
  Garmin  /USA